Chris Ryan

Chris Ryan

Every HMG client is given a superhero alter ego the day they join the firm (most don’t actually know this, so shhh). Chris Ryan’s superhero doppelgänger…….that was a no-brainer. He’s Mr. Incredible! Just listen to his pipes and you’ll get it: his voice goes “balls deep”. “This one goes to eleven”.

“Chris Ryan is part of an elite club, a super secret society of voiceover men and women that few know exists, fewer still realize they are actually members. Current and former talent in this covert group include Keith David, Randy Thomas. Jeff David, Brian Lee, Chris Kelly and many, many more. What separates these mega talents from the rest of us mortals? Huge earnings? Incredible ability with copy? A massive buyer base? Yes, yes and yes…..but more than just that. They all have…….two……first…..names!

But seriously, Chris Ryan’s pipes are a custom fit for any News, Sports, Country or Rock formatted station. He’s a bear of a talent and such a good man too. Check him out, stat!

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