Kim Strauss

Kim Strauss

Our final question, the category, “Famous Kim’s”…….Name three famous Kim’s who HMG will never represent, all members of the fairer sex………. (insert Jeopardy music here)……Who are Kim Kardashian, Kim Cattrall and Kim Basinger???……You are correct and our new Jeopardy Champion! 🏆

Kim Strauss, now he’s more our speed! And before you even ask, no, this isn’t a website error. Our Kim IS a dude. Like Kim Jong Un, just nicer, with a better fashion sense, no nuclear weapons, smaller……….ego. 🚀

Kim Strauss has a black belt in some obscure martial art so poking fun of the name, not the smartest move (wish we knew this yesterday). What would be smart; considering him as the next branding voice for your Rocker, News-Talk or Sports formatted station. Kim Strauss has that Mr. Brawny vibe with a wedge of Steve Perry, a shot of Sammy Hagar and a shake of Steven Tyler. Savage!

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