Gary McClenaghan

Gary McClenaghan

When your ancestors were Vikings and your name translates from its 13th century Gaelic origins to “Long Ship”, you know you’re a bad-ass. One look at Gary McClenaghan and you’ll get the picture, quickly. Beard, a carrot top no less, wears a kilt in the studio, uses a mace for a microphone. If the movie Braveheart had a love child with Gene Simmons and the rest of the guys in KISS, Gary McClenaghan would be the offspring. ‘Nuff said?!

A Canadian off-shoot from the rest of the McClan (don’t hold that against him), McClenaghan is a McMonster behind the mic and a McGenius on the McMac. Translation; the guy solves problems for his PD’s. He’s a fixer, a master manipulator and a chameleon.

Release the hounds, lock up your daughters, the McViking is coming…….and he’s coming for YOU!

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