Laura Schreiber

Laura Schreiber

Laura Schreiber (distant cousin to Liev) has no business being in voiceover.

MENSA smart; undergraduate and Masters degrees from Columbia, an IQ higher than most of us in radio can count up to, Laura Schreiber is one……..cookie. Toss in the legally blonde hair and the pink-a-licious personality and you’ll be totally perplexed. Laura Schreiber is the Elle Woods of imaging. She doesn’t belong here, worked her a** off to get where she is today and she’s going to end up at the top of her class….Phi Beta Kappa!

Infectiously cute and undeniably bubblicious, Laura Schreiber’s voice turns frowns upside-down. Sweet, with an edge, naughty but within reach, Laura will make you happy to be in radio again. If your station needs some glitter listen to Laura Schreiber. She’s part unicorn, part sorority cheerleader, part class president and entirely…..magical! 🦄🦄🦄

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