John Hunerlach

John Hunerlach

John Hunerlach is the William Wallace (Braveheart) of voiceover………”You can take my voice but you will never take my……..FREEDOM!!!!”

Having been held exclusive to an unnamed and wholly awesome satellite radio entity for many, many years, John Hunerlach is finally free to unleash his talent on the outside world…..and boy, he has talent in spades! ♠️♠️♠️

Hunerlach’s a mountain man; Upstate New York resident, cold up there…..but his voice heats the hearts of both men and women, boys and girls. John’s conversational, gritty style is a custom fit for Country, Classic Rock. Classic Hits, N-T-S and more, AND he’s available 24/7 to his buyer base. What? Weekends? We sh*t you not. Hunerlach’s a v/o beast! Loved by radio at large, feared by his competition.

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