Jeff Michaels

Jeff Michaels

Journeyman Jeff Michaels, after too many years in radio has decided to stay home for the foreseeable future…..and….stay in radio. Man, if we had $1 for everyone who wanted to do that……..we’d be……holding a lot of dollars.

This is not due to COVID. Jeff didn’t win lotto. He’s just DONE. Done bouncing between gigs. Done pleasing the un-pleaseable. Jeff Michaels like so many is ready, willing and able to settle into an easier life; winning voiceover gigs, branding stations, playing with his two sons and their dog……some peace and quiet and a fist full of branding deals. Sounds absolutely fabulous!!! His wife, Leann, is totally on board!

Jeff Michaels’ sound and delivery are a perfect fit for AC, Classic Hits and Hot Country stations. Lock this talent up, fast. Literally. He’s crazy! Crazy good! .

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