Isabella “IZZY” Tugman is a walking (and talking) contradiction.

The nerdiest of nerds in grade school, IZZY blossomed into total fox territory by college (see below). A chronic overachiever and recovering perfectionist, IZZY has been dubbed the VO CEO by her peers. Everything this girl touches (and voices) doesn’t just turn to gold……..it sparkles!!!! She’s super-sparkly! ?

Classically trained in musical theatre, film, television AND opera, IZZY fled the mean streets of Los Angeles for a simpler life of voice acting and settled in Austin, Texas. We are happy we found her…….YOU will be happier!

Should your CHR, ALT, AC or Hot AC stick be in need of a dose of adorable – IZZY’s your girl! She’s Dorothy and Oz, with a splash of Toto and a pinch of Glinda. Just like Judy G, IZZY’s magical!

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