Mareike Hornick

Mareike Hornick

Mareike “Motor-Mouth” Hornick (thanks Mom) was born in Alaska, got her feet wet in radio in Joplin, Missouri and now resides in the booming metropolis that is Fayetteville, Arkansas. She’s winning…..albeit a little slowly.

“Be where your feet are”, we say, and Mareike’s EXACTLY where she’s meant to be. HERE!!!!!

How many female (or male for that matter) voiceover talent from Fayetteville can claim to be a voice used by the G.O.A.T, THE King of All Media ? That would be one; our very own Mareike! Thankfully, Marieke’s talent goes beyond the realm of satellite radio. This one (insert pic of Mareike here) goes to ELEVEN!!!!

But seriously, if your CHR, Rock, Country or NTS stick is in need of someone savage check out Mareike Hornick, stat. You’ll be glad you did. She’s devastatingly good!

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