Valerie Smaldone

Valerie Smaldone

Five-time Billboard Magazine Award winning on-air personality. Voice-of-God announcer and all-round voice-over maven. Speaker, Wellness Advocate. Celebrity interviewer, producer, actor, teacher…..the fact that Valerie Smaldone even talks to us……we’re still pinching ourselves. Ouchie!

If Howard is the King, then Valerie Smaldone is most certainly the Queen of our media. Valerie Smaldone needs no further introduction from us. Our words can’t say enough about this New York City and worldwide media treasure. She works, she gets it, she can make your AC, Hot AC, News Talk or Rock station sound better than it does today. Just give her the copy and let the magic happen.

Valerie Smaldone…….OMG! ? How lucky are we? AND…..she’s a total ?!

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