Samantha Berman

Samantha Berman

Samantha “Sam” Berman is a captivating and versatile voiceover artist, renowned for bringing words to life with rich, expressive, sassy, sarcastic and commanding tones; she’s tough as nails and naughty like a runaway toddler with a handful of gummy bears that her mother never intended her to have. She’s trouble with a capital T! Sam’s the best!

Samantha’s journey in VO began with a childhood fascination for all things voice and singing. Her innate ability to capture the nuances of different genres quickly set her apart and she has become a highly sought after voice in commercials, narration, entertainment, news AND sports promotion: Station imaging and branding come naturally to this gifted voice actor.

A true chameleon, Sam’s vocal range allows her to seamlessly transition between sultry and authoritative, whimsical and dramatic, sassy and the badass girl next-door. Her dedication to the craft is evident in her meticulous approach to copy.

If your CHR, Rock, Hot AC or Country signal lives on the naughty list, Sam Berman’s branding voice will be up your alley.

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