Ben Blankenship

Ben Blakenship

Big Ben Blankenship’s balls are……….big!

Big vocal balls that is, big personality, big guy……..all over. With a big roster of big stations Big Ben Blankenship is bigger than…..bigly! The guy is just all around BIG!!!!!!

If you need to be bigger than your big competitor, Big Ben Blankenship has your number. And that’s number 1 usually! 1-555-BIG-BEN-B!

The only thing this guy does better than voiceover, is shoot. Blanks-y (like the artist, just cooler) can hit a can of Spam at 500+ yards; nothin’ but shrapnel and pig’s ears all over the place. Good thing that he applies that marksmanship discipline to the craft of voiceover……because for Big Ben, v/o is like shootin’ fish in a bucket. He’s THAT good.

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