Jenna James

Jenna James

Jenna James…, that name rings a bell, right? Where have we heard that before? Did you date a Jenna James in high school? Is Jenna a celebrity of sorts? Hmmm, can’t quite place it…….food for thought!

Now, if Jenna’s name sounds familiar, wait until you hear her demo. The girl’s got more game than KFC, Purdue and Tyson combined!!! Versatility is Jenna’s secret sauce…..she’ll give it to you smart, sassy, sarcastic, fierce, commanding, young, confident, friendly, bad ass or all of the above. Whatever the format and vibe, Jenna James has the skill sets to make it sizzle!!!! 🐖🥓🥓

If you’re in the mood for a brand-spanking new brand or re-brand Jenna James may well be your best voice option.

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