Drew Teufel

Drew Teufel

Teufel – {Toy*full} – noun; German for Devil. We sh*t you not! ?

Drew “Glass-Half-Full” Teufel leads a pretty simple life. Eat……sleep………studio………create………repeat!

Dr. Drew to some, MountaIn Drew to others, we love our Drew because all he does is work. No kids, no hobbies, one pet (a goldfish), half a girlfriend (the good half) and an abundance of creativity. Part man, part machine, Drew Teufel can help turn your station’s branding into something very special within 24 hours. He’s a mad genius, a crazy scientist; extraterrestrials from the future will travel back in time to study his mind and how it operates because they will want to learn from it/him.

Rock, CHR, HOT AC, Country, Polka, etc…….DT’s got you covered. He’s in the Gifted & Talented class for imaging.

Der Teufel Trägt Prada!

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