Robert Clotworthy

Robert Clotworthy

World famous narrator and voice actor Robert Clotworthy and Hoss Management Group? THE Robert Clotworthy? The Ancient Aliens guy? ???

Not in a month of Sundays Hoss, yet here we are, pinching ourselves. Seriously? W-S-Y-N!

November 5, 2019 – over 3 million Americans watch the season premiere of The Curse of Oak Island on History Channel – 3,000,000, not 300,000. In-real-time to-boot!. Unheard of numbers in cable television watching. Absolutely astounding!!

Here’s the kicker……he’s dying to brand radio stations! Should your N-T-S, Classic Hits or AC signal need one of the most recognizable voices in the nation to help solidify its numbers, please consider Mr. Clotworthy. He is an amazing talent.

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