Chris Flockton

Chris Flockton

If your station needs some British polish to make it dazzle then look no further than our good friend, the Earl of Awesome, Christopher Flockton; he’s the Hugh Grant of branding/voiceover. About a Boy, or Music and Lyrics, not Four Weddings Hugh.

Hailing from the mother country; born in Scotland, raised in Liverpool, Mr. Flockton ain’t no scrub. Labeled by Blender Magazine as a modern day “Robin Leach for the bling-bling generation”, Flockton rose to fame as the voiceover host/narrator of VH-1’s most successful show ever, The Fabulous Life of……(Fab Life) and has turned that notoriety into a branding business worth it’s weight in Kardashian gold.

After the British invaded, they left us some gems…..buttered parsnips, fish and chips, spotted-dick, and Chris Flockton’s voice. We are certain that his branding style will be many a PD’s cup of tea! The Earl of Awesome, 1,238th in line to the throne.

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