CJ Goodearl

CJ Goodearl

CJ Goodearl has never had a real job. Totally our kind-a people!!!!!

Fired from his first gig in radio for wearing shorts…..in August……in Florida (still totally our kind-a guy), CJ Goodearl’s lame ass demo reel got him an un-paid internship and weekend gig at WDIZ/Orlando. He’s never looked back.

From zero to morning show hero, beating Howard Stern in the ratings, ending up as Creative Services Director voicing station promos, comedy bits, etc, CJ Goodearl eventually started his own company. Voicing and producing commercials and promos for local, regional and national ad agencies and production entities, CJ Goodearl has made a name for himself by being ahead of schedule, cutting edge and cool. A little cooler than most it appears.

When not in the booth you’ll find CJ SCUBA diving, playing drums with his bar band or chilling with likes of Sammy Hagar and Gene Simmons. Cool guy.

If your Rock, Country or Classic Hits stick needs support, CJ Goodearl’s branding voice has got you covered. For rates and availability in your market contact hoss@hossmgmt.com

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