To say that XAVIER is a spiritual gangster would be the understatement of the century. He may be the only person we will ever work with who has won a voiceover job by using a voodoo doll and tarot cards……we sh*t you not!

Haitian from birth, XAVIER is to voiceover what Harry Potter is to magic; a dark arts v/o master, and he is all Gryffindor! Anything XAVIER puts his mind and voice to he turns into something majestic.

XAVIER’s credits (ESPN Radio, ESPN, the Brooklyn Nets, BET, History Channel, Showtime, HBO Boxing, we could keep going) are the envy of the industry. The applications for his voice (and sorcery) are limitless.

Sports, Urban, Urban AC, CHR/Rhythmic……..you get the picture. XAVIER gets gigs and he’s just getting started on this journey. Watch out guys…….the X-MAN cometh! And for the record, if you don’t hire him and something bad happens to your dog or cat the next day, please don’t blame us!

For rates and availability in your market, please contact hoss@hossmgmt.com

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