Dan Emmett

Dan Emmett

Dan Emmett. Danemmett. Damn it!

For some reason, all of us at HMG like saying Dan Emmett. If you knew his real name you’d understand why! $100 says you can’t guess?!!!

Dan “Damn-It” Emmett has one of those voices that is infectiously, super-cool. Edgy but understated, focused yet frivolous, Dan is one of those guys that makes the old-guard of the voiceover world worry about their careers. We can’t quite believe the guy still lives with his mom!

If your Country, CHR, Hot AC or Rock station is looking to reinvent the wheel, give Dan Emmett a listen. You’ll give a “Damn” soon enough!

Dan Emmett. Good guy, cool name, great set o’pipes. There’s your clue!

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